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The preceding years of the Student Union have been published as a history twice, in 1992 and 2002. The histories date all the way back to 1965 and are available in Finnish language. The works include information of the teekkari life in Tampere during the past decades as well as the Student Union's history itself. More information of the works from the Student Union office.

Teekkari museum

The Teekkari museum of the TUT Student Union was first opened 30.11.2008. The history of teekkari life in Tampere all the way from the late 1960s until recent years has been described in the fixed displays. In the museum you'll find out for instance what was the outfit used in the all-time first teekkari dippings in Tammerkoski in 1966, and what kinds of jäynäs has been made in Tampere during all these years. The displays include plenty of photo material of the preceding years and information also in English. The museum is open for everyone on weekdays between 7-18 o'clock in TUT Tietotalo building, second floor (Korkeakoulunkatu 1). The museum has no entrance fee.

The first three showcases were donated to the Student Union by Tampereen teekkarien PerinneSeura. Currently the museum includes three showcases, all of which have their individual themes.

The first showcase is about the fuksi year starting from the beginning of autumn semester and culminating in the teekkari dipping in wappu. Here you will learn when and why the student overalls have first been used.

The second showcase displays the corner stones of teekkari culture; the singing and jäynä cultures for example. What does a dog show arranged in the city of Lahti has to do with teekkari culture in Tampere? Come and find out.

The third showcase includes information on the settling of teekkaris to Tampere. What are the Student Union acknowledgements, academic dresscode or the teekkari cap in Tampere like? Here you can also see, where the teekkaris have ever had sauna in Tampere.

Hey tutors or fuksis or who ever interested! In case you'll need a guide for your museum tour, please email ttyy-teekkarimuseo@listmail.tut.fi.


Updated: 31.8.2010
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