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TTMK (The Motorclub which handles the van rentals) is making exception during the summer 2015 and they are renting the van. This may however cause that the van isn’t always available. Normally the van isn’t available to rent during the summer period.

Renting policy between  1.6. – 28.8.2015:

- Send an e-mail about the rental to pekka.pakarinen(a) Please note that the person handling the rental is working a summer job so he might be hard to reach. Therefore it is advisable to contact him well before your intended rental period. Remember to include your contact info to the e-mail.

- You cannot make reservation via the reservation system and made reservations don’t show up in the system.

- You have be prepared to pick up the keys from Hallila or another place other that Student Union Office. Student Union cannot give you the keys during the summer since there aren’t any.

 - All normal rules apply to summer rentals.


Student Union together with TTMK rents a van for students to use. Prices are student friendly. You must be a member of our Student Union to get the van AND you need a valid drivers licence that is accepted in Finland (B-class). Departments or faculties cannot rent the van. Members of the Student Union can rent the van for a clubs associated to Studen Union.



  1. Go to address
  2. Familiarise yourself with the instructions.
  3. Cancellation must be made 1 week prior to the date of use
  4. Get the keys from the Student Union Office between 10-14 o'clock
  5. Remember to enter the start up mileage (kilometre reading) in the driver's log book in the van
  6. Check the van for possible damages caused by the previous user
  7. Fill the tank with diesel at Shell Hervanta, if necessary. Inform the salesperson that you've fuelled up TTMK's van. They know the deal and the bill goes directly to TTMK
  8. Drive safely (take special care of the van's right side in narrow spaces)
  9. Fill out driver's log book (name address, email address, end kilometre reading)
  10. Return the key to the Student Union immediately after using the van. On evenings and weekends return the key to the black mailbox outside the Student Union Office.
  11. The bill will be sent to your email address or you can tick a cross in the book to get the invoice by post (additional fee 1,5e). It may take as long as 2 months before you get the bill, so please specify such information that is valid at that time

When the month changes (+- 2 days) the longest rental time is 6 hours per user!

The rear and side door can be opened by turning the key outside at the drivers door counter clockwise and then return the key back in the middle position and turn again counter clockwise.

Updated: 2.6.2015

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