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What is the Student Union?

Everyone studying at Tampere University of Technology is a member of the Student Union. As a member you'll receive several benefits as well as support in possible upcoming problems. One concrete example of the existing benefits is the student discout for TKL bus fares in Tampere. The TUT Student Union also offers services to students, for instance a possibility to rent a van.

The official purpose of the Student Union is to act as a link between its members and defend and improve the educational, financial, and social benefits and rights of the students. In practice most of the activity is carried out via the different clubs, while the Student Union acts mainly as a roof organization. The tasks of the board and secreteriat of the Student Union is often invisible background work, such as collecting and sharing information and organizing. The most visible event arranged by the Student Union is the teekkari wappu in Tampere. In addition the Student Union has an influence on the following: the orientation week of the new students and tutoring, the wappu magazine Tamppi, Anturi magazine, the restaurants located on campus, jäynä competitions, the university government, student housing and much more.

Pre arrival

Student Union membership fee

All undergraduate students in TUT must be members of the Student union of Tampere university of technology and to be a member, one must pay the membership fee. Thus all the students in TUT are also members of the Student Union. The membership fee covers also the student health care services. More information and instructions on carrying out the fee.

Ordering the student card

To benefit from the student discounts you will need a student card. In TUT campus the student card will also be your access key into the sports facilities and computer labs as well as into the university buildings in night time. It is also possible to use the card in the student restaurants in campus as you're able to charge meals on your card. More information on the student card, benefits and the ordering of the card.


If you need a van to help you move to Tampere, the Student Union together with TTMK rents a van for the members of the Student Union. More information on renting the van.

Fuksi year


Tutor is a mom's/dad's/sister's/brother's replacement far from home. The tutor will offer his/her help and guidance for every student in the beginning of their studies right from the first day onwards.

Fuksi passport

Sometimes it's good to take a break from studies and find something else to do. Now this has been made real easy for the fuksis as the fuksi passport is there to help you to get familiar with diverse student life in Tampere. Passport includes many interesting Teekkari events and parties and lists the crucial events leading you into Teekkari culture in Tampere. More information on the fuksi passport.

Ordering the teekkari cap

The most visible sign of a teekkari is the teekkari cap. Although the teekkari cap is almost sacred for teekkaris, it is not ment to be gathering dust on a shelf, but to be used often and with dignity. More information on the teekkari cap and instructions of ordering it.

Participating and influecing

Everyone is able to make their voice heard within the Student Union via Student Union sector meetings arranged regularly throughout the academic year. Most of the sector meetings are in Finnish language but the International Degree Student's meetings (or IDS meetings) are held in English. In the IDS meetings topics concerning all the issues related with an International degree student's life are covered. More information on the IDS meetings from the International Affairs.

Updated: 13.12.2014
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