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Contact the Student Union office or by email ttyy-talous[a] If you contact by email, you should include your account number information and student number! Unnecessary payments are returned. You should notice, that we delived YTHS payments on October and on February. It isn't possible to return YTHS payments after that.

a) E-bank transactions have 10 minutes delay on database update.

b) Student Union gets reference lists from bank in the next banking day. You should notice that there are no banking days in weekends, so payments made in friday can be seen in Student Union at the earliest on monday. When Student Union gets the payment information, it is trasferred to student register on the same day.

c) When paying outside from Finland, it's quite impossible to know. It depends on the bank, country and other varieties.

You always have to be listed as attending to TUT and have to pay the Student Union membership fee to get the student benefits. So if you want to have the student benefits when you go for exchange student outside Finland, you have to be listed as attending in TUT and pay the Studen Union fee.

Send your student card to the Student Union office, included with information about you student number and address. You can see our contact details here.


You can graduate on August by paying the Student Union membership fee for last spring semester. If you graduate on September, you have to be listed as attending to TUT and you have to pay the Student Union fee for autumn semester. You can apply for membership fee reimbursement until the end of September.

You can gradute on January by paying the Student Union membership fee for previous autumn semester. You can pay the membership fee for spring semester on December and list yourself as attending to TUT by the end of December. If you graduate on February you have to pay the membership fee for spring semester. If you have payed the whole year, the spring semester membership fee can be reimbursed when applied. On January membership fees are not preferably returned.

You can get the payment information from the student office on the second floor of the Kampusareena building.

You can apply for YTHS payment reimbursement for that Student Union that you made the payment last. You have to delived to that Student Union receipts from the payments, student number and account number information. If this Student Union is the Student Union of TUT you can get an application form from the Student Union office. Applications are processed within one week. You have to make the application by the end of September or by the end of January for spring semester payment. This is because Student Union transfers the payments to YTHS on October and February.


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